Why is my fidget ring not spinning? How to fix my fidget ring?

Why is my fidget ring not spinning? How to fix my fidget ring?

You may have purchased a fidget ring from Sedona Bloom or another jeweler, and found that it wouldn't spin or spin as smoothly as you'd like when you take it out of the box? "Why is this and how can I fix this?", you may wonder.

There are a number of things that may cause the motion of a fidget spinner to seize up. It could be that it was assembled incorrectly and the spinner is off center, it could have been damaged in the process of shipping, or it could simply require lubrication.

There are many ways to fix this issue, however if you purchased your ring from Sedona Bloom you can simply email us at support@sedonabloom.com for a refund or replacement no questions asked. If you happen to be more a DIY type, here are a couple solutions to get you back up and spinning.


  • Re-center the spinning mechanism. If the mechanism is seemingly crooked and completely stopped, you can try pulling the mechanism completely off of the axle, then popping it back on straight. This is a quick fix for many factory defective and shipping damaged rings.


  • Lubricate the spinning mechanism. If the mechanism isn't crooked but just slow moving, it could benefit from lubrication. Simple WD40 found in many a garage would work but for best results, find a skin/food safe gel-based lubricant at a hardware store, this will last much longer. Just apply a small amount in the center of the mechanism and spin it a few good times to evenly distribute the lubricant.

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