Can Fidget toys help anxiety?

Can Fidget toys help anxiety?

Ever since fidget spinners and similar toys hit the market a few years ago, people have been claiming that they can help ADHD and anxiety. Many more have wondered how true these claims are? Today we'll investigate the science behind fidget toys and how it relates to our fidget jewelry.

The broad consensus is that fidget toys are helpful as outlets for stress in situations where hyperactive, anxious, or hypersensitive individuals need a way to cope, instead of doing harmful behaviors such as nail biting or skin scratching. Similarly, stress balls have long been used as a tool to help people cope with stressful situations, so objects being used to help improve mental state is no new phenomenon.

Doctors call these sensory outlets rapid stress management techniques. While they do warn that fidget toys are no replacement for medication for people with a clinical diagnosis, they realize that they can be very helpful in treatment of symptoms. There's no replacement for medicine, but medical professionals are in favor of anything that allows patients to cope with their symptoms in a non-harmful way.

On the other hand, educators don't view them so harmlessly. Many schools have banned fidget spinners altogether. The fidget rings we offer here at Sedona Bloom are so quiet and compact they won't ever be noticed, allowing you to discreetly fidget in class and office settings.

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